Brexit: What does it mean for UK Law?

On this episode, our guest, Marcus Cleaver, will explain in very approachable terms, the implications of Brexit on UK Law.

Reviewing at first the historical context of the European Community’s genesis (4:35), he will then talk about its expansion (5:40) and gradual evolution towards a federation (6:22).

A review of the role of European institutions (7:21) and the legal instruments (8:13), differentiating those with direct effect (8:17) from those that set standards (8:41), will provide us with a good understanding of the EU law-making process.  

Then, we will address the question of the Withdrawal Agreement (9:38) and the transitional period (10:58) and what comes next; possibly still, a no-deal Brexit (10:58). In legal terms, we will discuss what will happen to the EU legal instruments entwined with the British legal system (12:22) and their future evolution (13:20). Moving on, we will explore more precisely,  the consequences of Brexit on EU and British citizens (14:55), the trade of goods and services (18.10) and the financial sector (18:47).

We will also discuss the issues with the Northern Ireland protocol (20:40) with a brief review of the Good Friday agreement (21:17) and the economic and political implications of Brexit for that particular region (21:44). We will also talk about the Internal Market Bill and its attempt to amend the NI protocol (22:53). (This contentious part of the bill has since this recording been rejected by the House of Lord).

We will then raise the question of the Charter of Fundamental Rights which, despite its questionable usefulness (25:05) remains a standard of rights from which new rights have flourished (26:32).

Finally, Marcus will share his opinion on the UK sovereignty that will be restored (28:28), an issue so crucial to Brexiters, and he will evaluate its worth (28:55).

Lastly, we will get to know Marcus a little better, by discovering what his current role entails (30:29) before talking about his podcast and his YouTube channel (32:16), his successes (34:20), proudest moments (35:08) future projects (36:4) and insights for aspiring lawyers (37:02).

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