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About Me

If one were not animated with the desire to discover laws, they would escape the most enlightened attention.

Joseph Louis Gay-Lussac

My passion for the law arose many years ago when I started my Law studies at a French Parisian University, freshly returning from the UK after a year as an au pair. Five years later, I graduated with an LLM in private law and a Postgraduate degree in European law.

Always fascinated by international issues and attracted by foreign cultures, my journey had taken me to Sheffield for an Erasmus programme, as well as to Brussels and California for various internships. On my return, after a brief experience in the French job market,

my adventurous side resurged, and I decided to pack my bags, cross the Channel and come to the UK to settle down.

During the following years, I set up and ran a business which I sold seven years later. Still passionate about the law, I embarked on a Master’s degree in International Law and Human Rights taught at SOAS and, a few years later, undertook an LLM module in Corporate Social Responsibility, Business and Human Rights.

My aspiration to travel abroad to help the most vulnerable access justice suddenly required a reassessment when my daughter was born. Between school runs and after-school activities, I spent a sizeable chunk of my time volunteering for non-governmental organisations, advocating for Human Rights, providing free legal advice to the most in need, or working for charities supporting vulnerable people.

Throughout, my curiosity for the law has never diminished and, if anything, has grown deeper.

Why did I create this Podcast?

The idea to create this podcast came from my insatiable eagerness to carry on learning and share the process with like-minded people.

This unremitting drive is based on the belief that a better understanding of the law will lead to a better comprehension of the world.  In my opinion, the law provides essential tools to clarify and strengthen the nexus of international relationships and day-to-day dealings between people and public or private organisations as well as among people themselves. But abstract legal concepts and the legal jargon make it, at times, too opaque. This podcast provides some clarification of the law through an explanatory approach.

Furthermore, possibly contrary to a mainstream perception, the law is not always black and white but possesses many grey areas, which rely on legal interpretations.

The stimulating but potentially subjective challenge of assessing whether these interpretations reflect the fairest conclusion in any given case opens a plethora of questions, some of which will hopefully be addressed here.

Thus, this podcast has been created to promote unpretentious discussions about various subjects of law and to feed the curiosity of non-legal professionals, lawyers and aspiring ones alike, who are just as enthusiastic as I am!

Welcome to the Community!