Captivating discussions with lawyers,
about the law and their profession



Hi, I’m Sarah Chariau. Welcome to A Question of Law

a podcast that discusses the law in a fresh and accessible way for people of all proficiency levels.

Whether you’re versed in law or just someone interested in this sometimes hard-to-understand subject, I’ll ask professionals from varied legal areas to share the wit, wisdom and experience they have gained through their legal careers.

Concentrating on diverse areas of law, I’ll be asking my guests questions about fundamental legal principles, the development of the law, landmark cases, as well as their career paths, hurdles and successes.

Come and join our developing community of law enthusiasts for a fresh perspective on the law.

A Question of Law is a great opportunity for law enthusiasts to feed their curiosity, enrich their knowledge and be inspired.

About the Podcast:

Have you ever asked yourself what a lawyer thinks?

A Question of Law will not only help you get a good grasp of the intricacy of the law but will also provide you with the opportunity to consider the subject from a lawyer’s point of view. 

It will offer an objective perspective on the role, importance and adaptability of the rule of law in a parliamentary democracy such as the United Kingdom.

Together with our legal experts, chosen from various sectors, we’ll examine fundamental legal principles, review landmark cases, unveil unique standpoints and discover fascinating experiences. 

So, leave the books in the library, put your headphones on, grab a cup of something, and join me on this journey of discovery!