The Human Rights dimension of Covid-19

This podcast will explore the human rights dimension of Covid-19. Our guest, Vicki Prais, will define what human rights are, (5:45) detailing their characteristics (6:00) and the framework of International Human rights law (7:10) including soft law (7:55).

She will cover the grounds on which Governments can derogate from Human rights (8:36) and will identify those from which a derogation is never permitted (9:00). Using Lawless v Ireland (App 332/57, 1 July 1961), she will define what a public emergency is (10:30) and will detail the conditions to be met for derogations to remain lawful (11:50). We will then explore the impact of Covid-19 on medical staff in Russia (14.04) and in the UK (15:20), we will also examine the plight of the elderly (17:10) and people in detention (20:14). We will raise the question of access to justice (23:03) before reviewing the sad predicament of women (24:14) and children (25:31). Then, she will assess the implications of C-19 measures on the freedom of movement (27.50), of expression (28:26) and assembly (29:18). Lastly, she will review the long term consequences of the C-19 response on our fundamental freedoms (30:51).

Finally, she will talk about her job (32:34), her career path (33.14), her greatest successes (34:25) and the hurdles she has had to push through ( 35:04) before revealing the proudest moment (36:16) of her legal career. A mentor herself, she will also share highly inspiring advice for aspiring lawyers (37:46). 

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