Spotlight on the life of an Intl Criminal Law Barrister

This special edition will be focusing on the life of our returning guest, Toby Cadman. Toby is a lucky man with a rich professional life that he is passionate about and a beloved family who has influenced the course of his life in enthralling ways.

So we will start by exploring Toby’s career, his field of expertise, the Barrister Chamber he has created with his partner and the non-profit branch affiliated to it. (2:55)

He will reveal why he has created the Guernica Accountability Podcast and the subjects he has addressed so far (4:15). A little return to international criminal law will help us discover the IIIM, a newly created UN institution, expedient when no other avenues are open. (6:20)

After discussing lay clients’ instructions of barristers (8:30), Toby will reveal exciting and surprising facts about his career before turning to law and how he later developed an interest in humanitarian law (11:45). He will explain how much he values his professional team and the role they play in Guernica 37’s success (12:30) and will unveil how influential his wife has been in the unfolding of his career (14:30) as well as the quandary he faced early in his career (16:15).

At times, his role and convictions exposed him to dangerous situations (17:30), and despite developing innovative media-based strategies to defend his clients (21:00), he has not always been able to obtain justice for them.

Then he will discuss the highlights of his career (22:00) particularly concerning Syria (22:50) before providing us with priceless advice regarding the hurdles young barristers face (23:15) and how to overcome them (24:15).

Resilient about the sacrifices required by a demanding career (26:10), he has nonetheless learned some great lessons during the pandemic. He will also reveal how the Cadman family unites around a shared passion for Kung Fu (28:00).

Finally, he will leave us with pragmatic and positive advice for aspiring Barristers.    

Insightful and at times personal, this episode is a great listen for whoever wants to learn more about the multifaceted life of a successful Barrister! 



Twitter:           @tobycadman

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